Chapter 2 Page 24-4

posted 11th Jun 2018, 3:48 AM

Chapter 2 Page 24-4
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17th Jun 2018, 12:58 AM

anonymous~ (Guest)

i absolutely love this webcomic. honestly.
i've been in the object show community for only a few months, but i know a good object show when i see one. and this isnt even an object show, its a webcomic, but its so different from anything else!
the fact that its not the average competition theme. now that... that is something, alright. usually now in object shows you barely see anything that has its own sorta story or own theme to its competition show. but this webcomic is original with its sorta melancholy and creepy tone. it leaves you on edge, it makes you want to read more. and about the competition show thing, while i was reading this, i almost forgot that it WAS a competition show/theme! thats how good it is!
another thing is the characters... oh boy! they all have their own relationships with eachother and personalities that shift as the story goes on. and the fact that you can sympathize with these characters is on a whole other level (yeah, i teared up when jeans died... hecc,,)! i absolutely love ALL OF THEM. all of the characters. they are all my new children.
anyways, this webcomic is great so far!

(i want to show this webcomic to everyone now,, but none of my friends are object show fans,, heck,,)

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